Safety Tips

“Disarmed” Scenario

The “Disarmed” scenario must be activated before any manipulation of the drone.

  • Before putting the drone in the water or taking it out.
  • Whether you are diving with iBubble or using the Explorer Mode.
  • After the “Come” scenario is activated, when iBubble stops beside you.


Long Handles

The drone is equipped with 7 propellers.

When you use the long handles, be careful not to place your hands too close to the front and back lateral propellers.

Keep a safe distance

  • When activating a scenario underwater, the drone will automatically go at a 50cm underwater depth.
  • Between a 0 and 2m depth, the obstacle avoidance is deactivated. Be careful while using the drone in a swimming pool.

When you dive with other people, don’t forget the drone follows the remote’s transmitter. Be careful that other divers keep at safe distance from the drone. Don’t forget the drone is always under your responsibility.